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Diabetic-friendly Fruit Juices you should Try

Everyone loves sweets. People enjoy it as a snack or as a food that cleanses a palate. Lucky are those who can enjoy it as long as possible, but for those who have diabetes, consumption of this should be monitored as this may affect their bodies. 

Chronic (long-term) diabetes impairs the body's ability to convert food into energy. Sugar is released into your system when you ingest most of the food. Insulin is released from your pancreas when your blood sugar levels rise. Your body's cells utilize blood sugar as a source of energy because insulin works as a key.

However, when you have diabetes, your body either doesn't produce enough insulin or cannot utilize it properly. Too much blood sugar remains in the system when insulin is insufficient, or cells cease reacting to insulin. If left unchecked, it may lead to significant health issues, including heart disease and eyesight loss.

That’s why those diagnosed with Diabetes, they need to monitor how much sugar they intake, as almost all food contains sugar (even rice). They need remedies or other options to enjoy such cravings. Luckily, many recipes are provided now with lots of options, and there are food and drinks that cater now to their needs. 

Juices, in general, contain a lot of sugar since most of the juices available in the market are powdered and manufactured. This is not advisable for those Diagnosed with Diabetes as it may cause reactions in the body. But there will always be a healthy option to enjoy drinking juice, and this is through natural sources, like fruits. 

If you have Diabetes or even just enjoy drinking fruit juices, here are some Fruit Juices you can try and make in the comfort of your home. 

  1. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranates are pretty sweet; however, the sugars included in pomegranate juice do not cause a rise in blood sugar levels. This is excellent news for people with diabetes and anybody else who suffers. Pomegranate juice also includes antioxidants, which have several positive effects on one's health.

  1. Water

Drinking water will always be the best option, regardless of whether or not you have diabetes. To give it some variety, try spicing it up by adding some lemon slices, some cucumber pieces, some fresh herbs like mint or basil, or even a few crushed raspberries in the mix.

  1. Green Juice

If you have diabetes, you probably already know that you can't consume juices produced only from sugary fruit, even if the juices sold in stores are intended to make them seem delicious.

Instead, use a blender to combine a variety of green, leafy vegetables with cucumber or celery, and then add just a few raspberries or blackberries for taste. When you combine fresh orange juice with water, you get a delicious green drink that is beneficial to your health. In addition to this, it will not cause a surge in your blood sugar levels.

  1. Bitter Melon Juice

Bitter melon sometimes referred to as bitter gourd or karela, has been shown to reduce the amount of glucose in the blood. It has a highly bitter flavor.  You have the option of juicing it on its own, or you can combine it with cucumber, lemon, and an apple and juice them everything together. 

  1. Fresh Orange Juice

Orange juices sold in stores should be avoided since they often include other components, including sugar. If you have diabetes, you can have a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and it is recommended that you have this beverage with a meal. Or, much ideal, eat an orange; this will provide you with the advantages of fiber and antioxidants. 

  1. Fresh Tomato Juice

Patients who have diabetes have an increased risk of developing blood clots, leading to complications in the cardiovascular system. It has been shown that lowering this risk by consuming a single serving of tomato juice daily is effective; however, the tomato juice consumed must be unsweetened.


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