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Foods to Avoid Eating at Night

Who doesn’t love eating? Even those who are actively maintaining their physical bodies are planning on what kind of food they can eat throughout the day. How about you? Do you eat three times a day? Well, there’s a theory that has been circling that having a heavy breakfast while limiting your food consumption at night. 

Do you know the reason why?

It has become evident in research that when food is consumed late at night - whether after dinner or outside of a person's typical sleep/wake cycle - the body is more likely to store those calories as fat and store weight rather than burn them as energy as the body tends to do when it consumes food in the morning. 

Studies have also shown that different times of the day affect how food is processed. This is because of fluctuations in body temperature, biochemical reactions, hormone levels, physical activity, absorption, and digestion of food at different times of the day.

Make sure to watch the foods that will be indicated below if you’re someone who’s trying to build muscle or lose some fat in the body.


Even though it may seem like a few beers, a couple of glasses of wine, or a nightcap would help you fall asleep, there are many reasons why you should not consume alcohol, particularly in excess, before going to sleep.

There is no doubt that alcohol helps you doze off, but it also interrupts the natural sleep cycle later in the night, which can affect your REM sleep cycle. This can reduce the amount of restorative REM sleep you get. Also, alcohol relaxes all the muscles in the body, causing obstructive sleep apnea and loud snoring to worsen.

Heavy Foods

Even though fatty, cheesy, and fried foods may seem heavy on your stomach, they take longer to digest. Foods like cheeseburgers, fries, fried foods, and large steaks eaten late in the day can cause you to become ill and keep you awake at night.

Foods with High Water Content

Nothing is more disruptive than getting up to the bathroom and interrupting your sleep. Drinking plenty of water to stay healthy is essential, but you do not want to avoid getting a full bladder in the middle of the night. If you wish to prevent dehydration during the night, you should steer clear of foods that contain.

It is crucial to consume foods that contain high levels of water, especially those that are nutritious. Some examples are celery, watermelon, and cucumbers.

Foods with Hidden Caffeine

Several foods contain caffeine, even if they are not labeled as such. Tea and soda are usually caffeinated unless marked otherwise. In addition, some ice creams and desserts contain espresso, coffee, or chocolate. 

It is important to note that chocolate and other foods containing caffeine can act as stimulants, which makes it harder to slip into deeper sleep stages and decreases the amount of REM sleep you would generally get.

Super Sugary Treats

Insulin yo-yos can disrupt sleep patterns, so it is important to avoid overly sugary snacks can spike and crash your blood sugar levels is essential. Sugary cereals, desserts, and candy are lousy nighttime treats because they can spike and crash your blood sugar levels.

Tyramine-Rich Foods

To improve sleep quality, specialists recommend eliminating foods high in tyramine later in the day. The amino acid stimulates brain activity by releasing a natural stimulant. Tyramine can make it difficult for people to fall asleep. Foods high in tyramine include tomatoes, soy sauce, eggplant, red wine, and aged cheeses.

Spicy Foods

As anyone with heartburn knows, spicy dishes can cause problems at night for them. However, there is another reason why you should keep your body cool when you are trying to sleep. Usually, your body temperature should be lower to facilitate sleep, but hot peppers can increase your body temperature. Feeling hot makes you sleep longer, so if you are fond of spicy foods, try eating them at breakfast or lunch instead of dinner if you like it that way.

Acidic Foods

In addition, highly acidic food is another common trigger for acid reflux. Acidic foods, such as citrus juice, raw onion, white wine, and tomato sauce, can disturb your sleep because they worsen your heartburn. That is why you might regret eating a slice of pizza before going to bed.

Foods that Make You Gassy

A few types of cuisine can ruin your sleep. When you overeat dried fruit, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, you may experience pressure and cramping. Foods that are difficult to digest and contain a lot of fiber can cause painful gas. Although high-fiber fruits and vegetables are good for your health, they don't help you sleep well; avoid them before bed.


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