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Are You Eating Too Much Pesticides - Go For Organic Vegetables

We are the victims of our own development. In the old times, when people were growing their own food, organic vegetables where the only vegetables available. Because of the need to feed so many people – there are 6 billions of us on Earth today – we had to produce much more food in a short time, so we started using insecticides and pesticides. They kill bugs that affect our food production, but they have potential to kill us as well, or at least seriously affect our health. Some of the chemicals used to control pests are relatively harmless, but there are many that are very dangerous and are banned in many countries.

The pesticides and insecticides get into our systems not only through the food we eat, but they leach into the water system and contaminate the air we breathe. They are dangerously affecting our entire environment.
People are becoming aware of the importance of healthy food and are learning that organic vegetables are the only vegetables grown without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Harmful Effect
More than 18,000 people die every year from the exposure to pesticides. Those are the unfortunate farm workers, especially in developing countries without much government control, who are exposed to pesticides on daily basis. Even if we never step foot on the field, we are still exposed to the pesticides’ harmful effect by the pesticide residue, which remains on them even after they are washed or even peeled. They are particularly dangerous for children and babies, and can affect the respiratory system, nervous system and even brain development in unborn babies.
Organic Vegetables –the sweet taste of nature
Organic food is believed to contain 50% more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than the food farmed traditional way. It is 100% free of pesticide residue. Organic vegetables are grown without the use of chemicals and artificial additives. And let’s not forget the taste. There is nothing like biting into a tomato freshly picked from the vine, still smelling of sun and earth.
Organic farmers make it their life task to farm naturally by focusing their efforts on keeping the soil fertile. They make great effort to ensure that the crops are rotated, that enough organic matter is regularly added to the soil and that the fields are fertilized with natural materials.

Organic vegetables for healthy body
Growing organic movement is demanding that people are informed about the difference between the pesticide-free organic vegetables and other food, and that full of pesticide residue. The movement in Singapore and elsewhere is also creating a fertile market for organic food, encouraging farmers to switch to organic farming. The organic movement also draws attention to the need to encourage local growing of organic vegetables and to avoid products that traveled thousands of miles before reaching our markets in Singapore. Our health is important. What we put into it affects both our bodies and our minds. We also owe it to our planet to avoid adding more poisons into the earth, water and air.


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