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Is it possible to feed Singapore's 6 million residents only with organic produce?

Can something organic be enough for the 6 million residents of Singapore? Is it something that they should consider? In agriculture, the term "organic" refers to farmers' methods to cultivate and process agricultural goods, such as fruits and vegetables. Its main objective is to preserve as much nutrients as possible in the final goods.


Organic farming has seen a recent uptick in popularity in Singapore. As a result of growing public interest in organic foods and technological advancements in organic farming.


As a beginner, Singaporeans produce their veggies in their backyards. On the other hand, others may choose vertical systems or more traditional planters and pots.


Growing crops at home have been more popular in Singapore in recent years, despite commercial farms still having their place because of their capacity to scale up and realize economies of scale. Urban gardening is becoming a popular pastime for those who have full-time jobs but want to provide food for their families on a smaller scale.


However, Singapore has problems with waste disposal matters.


It is one of Singapore's most significant sources of pollution, and food waste has increased by almost 20 percent. Singapore produced 744 million kg of food waste in 2019. More than 51,000 double-decker buses or two bowls of rice a day for every person.


Since Singapore imports more than 90% of its food supply, food waste directly impacts the country's ability to satisfy its dietary needs.


A rise in food waste puts a strain on the resources, which are already under pressure. As a result, Singapore will need to develop additional waste disposal facilities, including waste-to-energy plants and landfills for incinerator ash. Singapore is a land-starved country, and this is not an option.


It takes a lot of resources to grow, transport, and dispose of food thrown away when it's not eaten. As a result, it will add to the problem of climate change and global warming.


So to make it possible, the residents of Singapore shall minimize the food waste to reduce the demand for more organic production. But the good news is Singaporeans are going for organic productions, and let’s find out why.


Expats and tourists in Singapore are the main consumers of organic food.


The locals initially consumed organic cuisine when they returned from their travels or studies abroad. When they returned to the United States, they sought food free of pesticides and other pollutants, and the market obliged.


Buying for their health.


The second factor is a growing awareness of the environmental harm caused by conventional agriculture's use of hazardous chemicals to boost output. Because of Singapore's extensive public health and organic food education effort, organic foods have significantly increased in popularity. People from all areas of life are increasingly aware of the benefits of consuming food that has not been exposed to agricultural chemicals and the differences between organic and non-organic products.


It is true that Singaporeans are interested in their organic farming but will it be feasible to just produce in 100%?


It's unreasonable to expect a global shift to organic farming in several decades. The International Food Policy Research Institute examined the consequences of switching to organic farming in various regions of the globe. According to new research, food production in Europe and North America would not be affected by a 50% conversion. But increasing organic production in Singapore is still a question due to the lack of land area for organic farming.


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