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Fresh Finds: Organic Lunch Ideas for a Healthy Workday

Do you remember what you often had for lunch in school?  Is it something your parents make, or are you the kind of kid who buys whatever is available in the school cafeteria? In any case, it is necessary to make sure that it is both nutrient-dense and able to produce an uncomfortable feeling of gas in the digestive tract. 

Everyone is responsible for ensuring that they consume enough nutritious food at lunch. It supplies the body and brain with the fuel and nutrients essential for maintaining high-performance levels into the afternoon. Because you are in total control of the foods and components included in your packed lunch, this choice can be both nourishing and tasty.

Many people believe they can go through the day without having lunch; nevertheless, this choice may lead to issues later in the day. If you miss lunch, it is the same as going on a brief fast, and it may lead to intense feelings of hunger, mainly if you didn't eat enough for breakfast. Skipping lunch is the same as going on a short fast. If you spend too long without eating, your body, built over millions of years for survival, will start to make you feel hungry. You can't help but dwell on food and wonder when the next meal will be. Because of this circumstance, your performance at work will undoubtedly deteriorate.

You are in luck because we will give lunch alternatives that are healthy and mindful of the environment so that you and your children may enjoy them during the lunch breaks that are provided. 

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

One of your go-to options for a nutritious lunch might be this plant-based take on a traditional French pan bagnat. Fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, radishes, and green beans give a delectable crunch, and in place of the typical tuna salad, a chickpea salad that is salty and creamy takes its place.

Get the recipe: Chickpea Salad Sandwich Recipe - Love and Lemons

Taco Tuesday

Repurpose the food you had for supper on Monday as the filling for Tuesday's taco lunch to get the most value out of your meal. To make a full supper, shred whatever meat was available from the previous night's dinner and pack it with corn tortillas, rice, lettuce, pico de gallo, and pepitas.

Get the recipe: Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas Moms and Kids will :ove | The Organic Kitchen Blog and Tutorials

Meatless Mexican Lunch Box

There is no need for meat! Beans and brown rice, when combined, provide a complete protein while also meeting the body's needs for fiber and carbohydrates. Adding fresh greens, tomatoes, and homemade guacamole offers a healthy dose of vegetables, and adding salsa verde dressing turns it into a fiesta.

Get the recipe: GLUTEN FREE WITH EMILY - Gluten Free With Emily

Tofu Sushi Bento Box

Eat your hearts out, sushi lovers, as these vegan rolls are filled with baked teriyaki tofu miso-marinated kale and bok choy. If that’s not enough veg for you, the rest of the beautiful bento is stuffed with Asian pear, persimmon, and carrots.

Get the recipe: (1) Pinterest

BLT Bento Box

This lunch box is not only adorable, but it also includes two different types of protein (bacon and almonds), whole carbohydrates (bread), and a portion of fruit (strawberries and half an apple) as well as vegetables (lettuce and cornichons). If you save the cereal bar for an energy boost in the middle of the day, you should be OK.

Get the recipe: Mamabelly's Lunches With Love: BLTs {4 ways}

Chicken Caesar Lettuce Cups

These delectable Caesar salad lettuce cups will elevate your work lunch to the next level. This traditional dish for Caesar salad is given a more nutritious makeover by using a homemade dressing prepared with Greek yogurt.

Get the recipe: Chicken Caesar Lettuce Cups (

Avocado Ranch Chicken Salad

This chicken salad benefits significantly from adding avocado, which creates a dressing that is both extraordinarily creamy and good for you. The traditional lunchtime dish is given a new flavor profile using ranch dressing and pickled jalapeno. You may have it as an open-faced sandwich on a piece of whole-wheat bread, or you can have it as a low-carb lunch in a lettuce cup.

Get the recipe: Avocado Ranch Chicken Salad (

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