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Why consuming Organic Food is Good for Health?

Why consuming Organic Food is Good for Health?


Food gives nutrients and energizes one’s body to function every day. It also benefits the body when consumed in a balanced and healthy manner. It is tough to be healthy and be tempted to consume foods that satisfy one’s cravings, but there are ways to control it, and one’s mastered, it will be easy for a person to balance everything eaten.


Different food groups have other functions in one’s body: fruits and vegetables, starchy foods, dairy, protein, and fat are the different food groups.


Some of the crops are produced organically with the given categories of food.


The phrase “organic” relates to food production. They are cultivated or farmed without harmful pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or Genetically modified organisms (GMOs). A food item must be devoid of artificial food additives to be labeled organic.


In addition, natural fertilizers like manure are often used in organic farming. Even antibiotics and hormones are not provided to organic animals.


Organic foods include fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat. Products like soda, cookies, and meat substitutes are processed organically.


Here are some reasons why Organic Food is good for one’s health:


  1. Organic Foods may contain more


As this food is cultivated more naturally, it may have retained most of the crop’s nutrients. Comparing the nutritional content of organic and conventional foods has produced inconsistent findings. This outcome is most certainly attributable to natural variance in the handling and preparation of food. However, data suggests that organically farmed foods may be more healthy.


Maintaining its nutrients will give more people the nutrients they deserve.


  1. Organic Foods have more antioxidants and


Previous research has shown that organic foods include a greater concentration of antioxidants and micronutrients, such as vitamin C, zinc, and iron. Additionally, it may supplement someone's diet with extra antioxidants. This amount of antioxidant protection may be because chemical pesticide sprays do not protect organic plants. Rather than that, they increase the production of their defensive molecules, namely antioxidants.


  1. Nitrate levels are generally

Nitrates are a class of chemicals comprised of nitrogen and oxygen atoms. They are often found on animal products, which raises concerns about their cancer-causing properties.


Nitrates are not degraded by stomach acid on their own. Rather than that, the gut biome may convert nitrate to nitrite, which can result in health problems such as an increased risk of cancer.


But, studies have shown that organic crops have a low nitrate than 30%. This means that it has a low level of nitrate when consumed.


  1. Fewer chemicals and bacteria are


Many individuals choose organic foods to minimize exposure to synthetic chemicals. Consuming these foods may help avoid pesticide residues and antibiotic-resistant germs.


Nonetheless, research indicates that the risk of exposure to pesticide residues in foods is low and unlikely to cause disease.


  1. Organic Food is Fresher


Because it contains no preservatives, it prolongs the life of the food. Organic vegetables are sometimes (but not usually) grown on smaller farms closer to the point of sale.


  1. Organic food is GMO-free.


Genetically Modified Organisms are plants whose DNA has been changed in ways that cannot naturally or via crossbreeding, usually pesticide-resistant or generating an insecticide.


With organic foods free of this, there are no chemicals included in the crop that may alter the nutrients and look of the produce.


In addition, there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in organic food. This means that it is cleaner that leads to more sanitary health. Artificials are usually used in food to make it more pleasant in the consumer’s eyes; however, they do not give a person too many nutrients. These numerous chemicals are linked to health issues and may be added to conventionally packaged foods.


Regarding human and environmental health, how food is grown or raised matters a great deal. A lifestyle consisting primarily of organic foods may alleviate allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives of a person. Eating organic not only meets hunger but also meets people’s

demands. The effect of cultivating organic foods is not just for humans living but also on the environment that we live in.

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