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Happy food choices that you should eat every day for Healthy Living

A healthy choice of food results in a happy stomach and an enjoyable life. Sometimes, the way one chooses their lifestyle, especially in food, reflects who they are as a person and their well-being. And choosing to be healthy shows that they care about their health, physically and mentally.


            This observation has been led by a group of researchers who conducted research about healthy food choices. It was suggested that choosing to be healthy, such as increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, boost both physical and mental health, and maybe a long-term investment in future well-being.


The argument that making healthier food choices is associated with increased happiness and well-being directly contradicts the widespread belief that high-fat, high-sugar, or high-calorie foods, in particular, taste better and makes one happy while people eat them.


This kind of food which is unhealthy has always been considered the comfort food of people when they are stressed or have emotional breakdowns. However, snacking on "unhealthy" meals such as ice cream or chocolate may not be more psychologically advantageous than other foods.


So what foods should one indulge in order to achieve a happy food choice? Research results show that vegetables contributed the most to overall happiness, followed by sweets, dairy products, and bread.


Fruits and vegetables accounted for roughly a quarter of the overall eating happiness score, and hence accounted for a major share of eating-related happiness. Grains such as bread, pasta, and cereals were the second most common source of eating pleasure. In addition, snacks such as candies, salty additions, and pastries were the third most popular source of food-related enjoyment.


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