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Why is Organic Food getting more popular in Singapore?

The demand to be healthy today is no joke. And you know what has been in demand also in the market? Organic Food.   In agriculture, "organic" is a term that refers to the techniques used to grow and prepare crops. There must be no usage of genetically modified organisms, herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers in farming the crops. At least 95% of the components in a food product must originate from organically grown plants or animals to be labeled as organic.   From the definition itself, we can somewhat see why Organic Food is getting more popular but let’s discuss...

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Why consuming Organic Food is Good for Health?

Why consuming Organic Food is Good for Health?   Food gives nutrients and energizes one’s body to function every day. It also benefits the body when consumed in a balanced and healthy manner. It is tough to be healthy and be tempted to consume foods that satisfy one’s cravings, but there are ways to control it, and one’s mastered, it will be easy for a person to balance everything eaten.   Different food groups have other functions in one’s body: fruits and vegetables, starchy foods, dairy, protein, and fat are the different food groups.   Some of the crops are...

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Going Organic – Worth the Switch?

Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, once said that “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” which stressed the importance of nutrition in preventing and curing of diseases. Put simply – you become what you eat. Before the advent of industrial agriculture and food processing, people ate staples such as grains, fruits and vegetables that were grown and preserved naturally, and meat from animals that lived and grazed freely. Today, those foods come from a multi-billion dollar supply chain which uses modern interventions such as chemical fertilisers and pesticides that are harmful to health. Although high...

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